Sarah’s Story

Sarah Eastridge, a beautiful, young lady, was the inspiration for the founding of the festival.

Sarah was diagnosed with CF as a baby. Since then she has been hospitalized numerous times, and has had many surgeries, and numerous tests, scans, and procedures that required anesthesia. Sarah’s IV treatments have become very extensive because she has developed another problem with her lungs. Although Sarah has had many difficulties with digestion and being able to gain and maintain her weight, she is as healthy as can be expected. It requires a lot of extra care to keep Sarah this way.

Twice a day she has to have breathing treatments and vest therapy. Sarah realizes that the treatments are what enable her to breath easier. The vest therapy is a new way of getting the mucus to dislodge in her lungs instead of the pounding her parents use to have to do. She does a breathing treatment daily called Pulmozyme. Sarah also has to do TOBI breathing treatments twice a day every other month.

Several times a month Sarah goes to Tulane Medical Center in New Orleans to meet with her doctors. Sarah has severe stomach problems. She also has lung problems that are progressively getting worse due to her new diagnosis of Atypical Mycobacterium Disease. Sarah is somewhat underweight, but her appearance can be misleading. Sarah has had several surgeries hoping that they would help her stomach problems, but unfortunately they haven’t corrected the problems yet.

She loves playing with her relatives and friends. Riding 4-wheelers and playing on the computer are also high on her love-to-do list.

With continued progress through research, love, and care of her family, friends, doctors, and those who support the CF Foundation, Sarah Eastridge may indeed live to see a cure. Please keep Sarah and other precious children with CF in your daily prayers. With your help, we can make CF stand for “Cure Found.”

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